Welcome to the Bear Golf Society Caption Competition - just look at the cartoon/picture below and enter a suitable caption which will be added to the page later.

Image description
Yes, I will be home soon dear, just a couple of nice holes to finish off first! - Colin Janes     You tell that Kim Jong Un character, mine are bigger than his! - Martin Pugh      Is that Martin Bosley Racing ? I've got a nice couple of fillies here for you.- Son Time Soon    No mate, I left the Bears, I joined the James Bond Appreciation Golf Society, Pussy Galore !! - Bob Down     Graham, you were right, the Caddies at Ellesborough are really friendly. - Belle End     Is that you Tiger ? I was wondering if you could help me ............A N Other, RTD.     Can't make the tee time lads, the wife and her friend are helping me improve my stroke play !! - Roger T Bear     Hi Harvey, it's Damien Green here. Now that you're out of work too, do you fancy joining my new Golf Society? - Mike Sparkes     Is that Core Golf ? do you have an emergency call out service ? I need a stiff shaft and quickly !!!! - Peter Out     Is that Adam Drury ? you were right, If I hold the shaft down lower I get more force behind the balls !!!! - Roger T Bear     It's so easy to decide to play as it lies! - Martin Pugh     So sorry, I was going to play with the Bears but I have another invitation for a three ball with The Beavers - Willie Fiddler     Is that 1st Choice Domestics ? do you service old boilers? - Roger T Bear     Nick Faldo here, when I said send up Fanny, I meant my old caddy!!! - Ben Dover     Won't be out for a round today I'm being helped out with my shank - GreatBoo     It only takes 2 balls and a solid club to play the way I do!!- Martin Pugh     These four easily out weigh Pro Vs for height and distance! Trouble is which two to go for first!- Martin Pugh     I'm with the committee to discuss where I should drop the balls! Any advice? - Martin Pugh     John it’s rolly - I might need you to call the paramedics again in about an hour - John h     Hi Tiger, Stevie Williams here. Thanks for sending those telephone numbers to me, nice couple of birdies, hey no wonder your backs fxcked! - Graeme Foster     Good morning, UKIP headquarters - Polly Ticks     They're called TEES girls, us golfers rests our balls on them, yes Hilton Hotels think of everything ! - Don Roaming     Sorry dear it is taking longer than I thought. I have been in the rough a few times and I keep losing my balls! - Big Breadwinner Hux     Is that Carillion ? I've just gone down too. - Nicholas Girls     In the Hole !!!!!! - Tiger Woods